Using the Zone Map to Choose the Right Seeds

The Hardiness Zone Map is developed by the USDA as a guide for gardeners to determine which plants are best suited for their location in the U.S. It is divided up into Zones from 3-11 based on average minimum winter temperature.

Identifying your zone will help you choose seeds that will be able to thrive in your area. This guide doesn't guarantee that a plant or tree will be successful, but we encourage you to review the map and make good decisions on the seeds you select. Of course, planting indoors or using other means such as greenhouses will affect the viability of your seeds as well. 

Each of our seed pages will indicate for which zones the plants or trees are best suited. Please be sure to verify that the plants you choose are a good match for your location.

Below you will see the updated 2023 zone map with the general zones. For the detailed and interactive USDA zone map, follow this link to the USDA site:

You can search for seeds by Zone here